Mrs. Dolly

I’ve been on an Americana music kick with swapping and trading music with my friends. I’ve decided to show a classic today in honor of recent events. Though somewhat infamous, Dolly Parton is (as the video demonstrates) a woman of true talents in her field. I can’t admit that everything that she does is gold (in a personal opinion) but despite Dollywood, the girl can sing.
Having become a staple in the country, folk, and southern rock scene, Mrs. Dolly proves again that sometimes the best things come in…..odd….packages.
As usual, relax and listen well.


Just Beck

Beck is possibly the biggest name in the “anti-folk” movement of the 90’s. In response the then pretentiousness of folk music, the anti-folk made it’s point to make highly mixed music while still using the blues and folk roots.
Hitting a bit of fame with his song “Loser” off of one of his earliest albums, Beck has continued to make well respected music and has kept up a pretty strong following. As of late, he did the sound track to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as well as having redoing some of his favorite records like The Velvet Underground.
Beck has recently come out with a new album (haven’t listened to it yet).
Two more side notes: Jack Black is in this video. Also, Beck is a Scientologist which was kept hush hush on his rise to fame for fear that it would hinder him…..weird right?
Regardless the man makes good music so sit back, relax and listen well.

Funniest Video I’ve Seen in a long time

Now I would like to start by saying I’m not from Texas. I’m a born and raised St. Louis native. But he even states in the video the irony of his own statements in the beginning so keep that in mind when listening. He also makes a shout out to the 13th floor elevators whose first album is my background for this blog.
If you get the chance check out his song A. Enlightment B. Endarkment (Hint: There’s no C). A song which has some of the best written satirical humor in Americana music today.

Cate Le Bon

Still fairly obscure to me, I’m sharing this with you today because it has struck me so very much. The only information (which I must begrudgingly admit is simply a quick wikipedia search) is that she is Welsh and sings in multiple languages. So despite myself, I hope that you’ll look up Cate Le Bon if you’ve been as smitten as I have.
As ususal, relax and listen well.

Tallest Man on Earth

This is one of the most enchanting things I’ve heard recently. Part of a small revival of Americana music, The Tallest Man on Earth (Kristian Matsson) is a singer songwriter from Sweden and is known for his acoustic arrangements on guitar using many open tunes that create harmonic resonance for an otherworldly effect. If you haven’t heard of him before I seriously suggest you look him up.
Until then, sit back, relax, and listen well.

The MC5

Around the same time that The Stooges were discovered, this little pre-punk rock band was creating quite the ruckus on the circuit. Known for eclectic shows and quite frankly put being loud, MC5’s short stint as rock and rollers influenced many later acts. Possibly most famous for the tag line “Kick out the Jams motherfuckers!” and in many cases was edited out to say “brothers and sisters” these rebels of the stage continue to be pointed as a huge influence in most things rock and roll.
Here is there most popular song “Kick out the Jams”
So sit back relax and listen well.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Quickly having become an icon of the past Neutral Milk Hotel grew to fame in a recent resurgence of popularity. Releasing only two albums back in the mid 90’s the band fell away rather quickly due to the stress of touring. Developing a cult following, the bands popularity returned almost 15 years later to make them one of the most appreciated “underground” acts that ever existed. Here today is my favorite song off of the second album. The writing from an Aeroplane Over the Sea is some of the best I think I’ve ever heard and touches on some great literary themes involving Anne Frank and frontman Jeff Mangum’s own personal experience.
So please, Sit back, Relax, And Listen Well.