Pisces: The Dear One

I’m really excited about this one folks. Today I’m showing you a band that never even released the album that you are listening to. A band fraught with the most interesting back story I’ve ever heard, the band came out from a local twosome in Rockford Illinois in 1969. Jim Krein and Paul DiVenti were messing around with recording equipment in their free time. Loving the pop-psychedelic sounds of the Beatles they also worked part time in a guitar store. It was there that the chance encounter with the troubled 17 year old Linda Bruner. Appearing one day from her trailer park where her parents lived she showed up and began playing and singing one day and was immediately invited to a jam session with DiVenti and Krein.
Though only around to record 4 tracks with the band record of her short career she was apparently involved with a check scam and then fled on the lam never to be heard from again. Though there are a few remaining recordings of a solo album remain of her talent.
I hope you like them folks. And if you do, check out http://www.numerogroup.com. These are the folks who are trying to revive long lost voices layered in the forgotten archives of the times.


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