Just Beck

Beck is possibly the biggest name in the “anti-folk” movement of the 90’s. In response the then pretentiousness of folk music, the anti-folk made it’s point to make highly mixed music while still using the blues and folk roots.
Hitting a bit of fame with his song “Loser” off of one of his earliest albums, Beck has continued to make well respected music and has kept up a pretty strong following. As of late, he did the sound track to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as well as having redoing some of his favorite records like The Velvet Underground.
Beck has recently come out with a new album (haven’t listened to it yet).
Two more side notes: Jack Black is in this video. Also, Beck is a Scientologist which was kept hush hush on his rise to fame for fear that it would hinder him…..weird right?
Regardless the man makes good music so sit back, relax and listen well.


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