“Anji” “Angie” “Angi”

I have recently been obsessed with this song. I actually came across it on a pandora station and immediately began to research it because it haunted me. However, I had the hardest time finding it because, as the title(s) show(s) there are multiple different names for this song and each arrangement of it has been called something else by each different artist performing it. The song, originally from Davey Graham, has been covered but other such musicians as Paul Simon and Bert Jansch.
I hope that you too become captivated in the same way.
Relax and listen well.


not quite an instrumental by Bowie

I apologize to my many followers (hah!) that it has been so long between posts. My last semester of school and I’ve got a Capstone and a Research Methods class that are totally kicking my ass.
Moving on, I am posting today this almost instrumental off of the first collaboration between David Bowie and Brian Eno. The album “Low” was a first breaking away from typical Bowie form as he moves into a new era of music. While the album itself has had many mixed reviews, history has looked kindly upon the album, as many appreciate it as a new direction for Bowie and as a starting point for soon to be renowned Brian Eno.
This song is by far the best piece on the album (my opinion but in this blog it’s the only one that matters).
Through a combination of random assignments to clicking and a masterwork of production, the latter half of the album is truly truly amazing with almost no vocals to be told of. Warszawa is a prime example of the mix of orchestral rock that Bowie was moving into showing his mastery of non-western influences.
A complex album, its worth a listen to.
So check it out……
and relax and listen well.

The Art of Dating Discrimination


Must Be This Tall To Ride

Image courtesy of nana-eddy.blogspot.com Image courtesy of nana-eddy.blogspot.com

I’ve only had three girlfriends ever make it past the get-to-know-you phase.

It’s because both my mom and dad had gone through divorce, and both preached “playing the field” and to not be in a hurry to get married.

Spend time with lots of different girls, they said. Figure out what you like. Figure out why.

Not every girl approved of my way of thinking, but I didn’t particularly care. The thinking was: As soon as you know there’s no chance of this ending in marriage, why be in a committed relationship with one another?

I didn’t believe in having a girlfriend simply for the sake of having one.

That was an easy choice to make back then. I was young. With a hard stomach. And constantly surrounded by young, single women.

I’m sure I wasn’t as honest as I should have been. But I also…

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Junior Kimbrough

I would like to first start off by apologizing for the poor quality. Its seriously the only version of this song that I could find. Having been unable to blog for a while (this semester is slowly tearing me down) I’ve made a genuine effort today to make sure I posted.
Junior Kimbrough is described as a “living lost legend” of the blues. Having only sparse recordings for the earlier parts of his life, Kimbrough was eventually sought out by a die hard fan and encouraged to actually record and travel. His “hypnotic” edgy blues is one of legends that became an influence for other artists such as the Black Keys, who point to Kimbrough for giving them their sound.
While still achieving some fame in the blues community, Kimbrough still remains a cult figure today. Even his best recordings are still rough but his biggest draw is his live shows.
If you enjoy the blues, sit back, relax and listen well.

….The Beatles….

So I am posting this out of stubbornness. I had a beautiful, yet long post, a first ever, written and then accidentally backspaced and lost it all…..so just know that had I not been so incompetent a-poster, you would have been very intellectually stimulated. But I have class soon and can’t rewrite it all.
Summary: the Beatles are great because of their critical look into the absurd and arbitrary. John Lennon himself has acknowledged that most of what he sings (in reference to a question about a school teacher dissecting ‘Come Together’) is nonsense and gibberish.
Yet they toy around with their medium and are brutally honest about the absurd.
But here is an example that even John Lennon said was one of his best lyrical achievements, that, despite and outside of the awful use in the movie, was left half forgotten by later Beatles lovers.
So again as usual, please just be open to the thought. The Beatles were surprisingly honest for a pop group.
So just sit back, relax and listen well.

Snow Days with Simone

Well, I’ve been trapped in my house all day for almost two days now. And despite no school or work, I’ve been going crazy with not sure what to do with myself with the extra free time (an odd thing for someone who procrastinates like I do.) But I’ve just bought another Nina Simone album and I’ve been unable to stop listening to this song (though it’s not on the album I just bought…..) So for those of you who are trapped inside and have a few minutes, kick back and relax and listen well.