….The Beatles….

So I am posting this out of stubbornness. I had a beautiful, yet long post, a first ever, written and then accidentally backspaced and lost it all…..so just know that had I not been so incompetent a-poster, you would have been very intellectually stimulated. But I have class soon and can’t rewrite it all.
Summary: the Beatles are great because of their critical look into the absurd and arbitrary. John Lennon himself has acknowledged that most of what he sings (in reference to a question about a school teacher dissecting ‘Come Together’) is nonsense and gibberish.
Yet they toy around with their medium and are brutally honest about the absurd.
But here is an example that even John Lennon said was one of his best lyrical achievements, that, despite and outside of the awful use in the movie, was left half forgotten by later Beatles lovers.
So again as usual, please just be open to the thought. The Beatles were surprisingly honest for a pop group.
So just sit back, relax and listen well.


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