not quite an instrumental by Bowie

I apologize to my many followers (hah!) that it has been so long between posts. My last semester of school and I’ve got a Capstone and a Research Methods class that are totally kicking my ass.
Moving on, I am posting today this almost instrumental off of the first collaboration between David Bowie and Brian Eno. The album “Low” was a first breaking away from typical Bowie form as he moves into a new era of music. While the album itself has had many mixed reviews, history has looked kindly upon the album, as many appreciate it as a new direction for Bowie and as a starting point for soon to be renowned Brian Eno.
This song is by far the best piece on the album (my opinion but in this blog it’s the only one that matters).
Through a combination of random assignments to clicking and a masterwork of production, the latter half of the album is truly truly amazing with almost no vocals to be told of. Warszawa is a prime example of the mix of orchestral rock that Bowie was moving into showing his mastery of non-western influences.
A complex album, its worth a listen to.
So check it out……
and relax and listen well.


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