So it goes…

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about “love”. As a single male that is on a campus that is mostly women (many of whom are very attractive) I’ve also found that a lot of them are rather shallow. Not to say that I’m so great, but there is a “cookie cutter” type on my campus in particular. I’ve also been watching one of my roommates interactions with his girlfriend (who honestly drives me up a wall. God I hope they don’t follow this blog….) and when looking at in comparison to other relationships he’s been in, it seems to me that people are willing to be unhappy so long as their not alone. Bukowski (not a great source but….you know….) states that there are worse things than being alone. After looking at my roommates current situation this is looking to be more and more true.
Now on the topic of loneliness, I recently watched Louis C.K. talk about how our generation tries so hard to distract ourselves from the imminent feeling of loneliness with our phones and technology. I liked how he began to say that allowing that moment of complete loneliness to “wash over you” makes you a better person, meaning that today people are so absorbed in being distracted from being alone that we’ve lost a unifying experience in isolation. Empathy has been lost because people are so “plugged in”.
Not to sound too depressing because obviously there are still people out there who are good and still working towards it and just as always, it’s not the majority.
Today, Lou Reed gives us a little bit of his experience with love and different perceptions of love.
So just relax and listen well.


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