Cure for the Last Week

Its now currently the last week of my college career. I defend my thesis on Tuesday, have two exams that day as well, and I’m surprised by how little nostalgia I feel for leaving this place. I imagine that it will come with time, but I’m more worried about that inevitable loss that people feel when they leave college. It’s actually gotten me more stressed than anything currently happening in school.
I’ve made the horrible decision to watch “The Graduate” recently and its hit way too close to home. I too think about listlessness and stagnancy as the best way to go about post graduation. With little to no motivation to pursue much in my field of study, I’ve recently decided to become try to become an EMT, mostly because I feel like I can contribute and it’s better than finding myself stuck behind a desk (which is my worst nightmare.)
Right now I’ve been making my own music (which is not that great but still, it’s something) as well as purchasing a lot of it. I think that this is a fair attempt to do some final last minute irresponsible shopping before I’m poor broke/in debt and on my own.
On the light note, I bought this Wilco album the other day and it’s been playing in my car amidst a rotation of the stuff I’ve bought. This is my favorite song from that album so sit back relax and listen well.


Jerking it in the Early Morning

Despite the bad taste in jokes for titles this morning, it’s been a long night (still looking to be nowhere close to done) as I sit alone at school in a computer lab and try to hammer out the last bits of my thesis paper. I went on a music spending spree out of boredom over the weekend and found this little gem of an album that I couldn’t pass up. The Caesars are an indy rock band that go by multiple names (including but not limited to Caesars Palace). This was a hit here in America but the rest of their work seemed lost on us as a market. This album is actual astounding, predicting/influencing a lot of what popular music sounds like today.
The album is actually pretty solid as a whole, but this as a flagship song is by far and away the best on the album. So for those up as early (or late) as I am enjoy a rock/pop classic.
As usual, relax and listen well.