Jerking it in the Early Morning

Despite the bad taste in jokes for titles this morning, it’s been a long night (still looking to be nowhere close to done) as I sit alone at school in a computer lab and try to hammer out the last bits of my thesis paper. I went on a music spending spree out of boredom over the weekend and found this little gem of an album that I couldn’t pass up. The Caesars are an indy rock band that go by multiple names (including but not limited to Caesars Palace). This was a hit here in America but the rest of their work seemed lost on us as a market. This album is actual astounding, predicting/influencing a lot of what popular music sounds like today.
The album is actually pretty solid as a whole, but this as a flagship song is by far and away the best on the album. So for those up as early (or late) as I am enjoy a rock/pop classic.
As usual, relax and listen well.


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